And we have a MATCH!!!

And just like that, There will be 3 less orphans in Peru. Last Thursday we were officially matched with a sibling group of 3. AAAHHHHHHH did I say 3!!!! Yes, we are bringing 3 Peru babies to join this chaotic, loud, loving and hot mess of a family. We waited 5 long years for this and when it finally happened we were shocked, excited, nervous, elated….basically we had all the feelings. ALL of them. We have no idea what happens next but right now we are basking in the knowledge that these 3 kids are now ours and God help them we will be their parents. They are requiring us to write a letter formally accepting their match. Uhmmmm what? I literally just wrote a letter practically begging you to match us with these children and now you want me to write a letter letting you know that we are cool with it? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, NOT. So basically this is the letter I wanted to write:

Dear DGA,

After ‘thinking’ about it for 5 flipping years and after considering all the crap you have put us through, the thousands of dollars we have already spent on this and all the sweat and tears that have been shed throughout our process we have decided that with all due respect, just cut the formal bullshit and let me go get my kids so we can begin to give them the life they deserve. So to answer your question, uhmmm DUH YES we accept and hope that everything from here on goes much smoother than it has for….again…5 flipping YEARS!!


Of course, what I will actually write is the excitement we feel about being matched and how much we are looking forward to going to meet and bring them home.
Another thing we are excited about is that now when someone asks us how the process is going, and trust me, people will. We can say we are almost done!! We are getting our kids soon. Everyone we know is happy for us….or maybe is a mix between those that are happy that this process is finally over and those that finally believe that we are, in fact, really adopting like we have been saying for so long! Either way they are happy! A lot are surprised that its 3 kids, and believe me I am a little nervous myself but I know we will be just fine.

Just so you can see the hot mess of a family they will be joining, let me share a text conversation between my dear husband and my sister. Just a little background info: There are 3 of us in my family, my oldest brother Danny, me (Jessica) and my youngest sister Priscilla.


Personally, I would say she would have picked the Jessica but my brother Danny is her favorite so that seems fair. We kid but we are happy to bring all 3 home real soon and then, like any mom, as they grow up, decide who is my favorite and lie to the others…..that’s right mom, I’m on to you 🙂

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