Waiting is hella hard….

So it has been a hot minute since we were officially approved by Peru to adopt the kids and we accepted quasi-graciously. The next step is to get the paperwork done for the USCIS to be allowed to travel to Peru to get them. The form is called Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative I-800. This, of course, is being done by our agency and requires the children’s birth certificate, our homestudy and their files all translated into english. We need this to happen yesterday since the state department’s turn around time for this paperwork is averaging 3-4 weeks and we want to be back before christmas with them or at least before the new year. We recently made each of the kids a box that we will be mailing with a picture book of us, their new family, their new home, new pet and letters to each one. Friends of ours are also organizing an adoption shower for us which I had no idea was a thing until I googled it. So this weekend I sat down and began putting together a registry of immediate needs like sweaters and turtlenecks and I realized that these kids are going from the best tropical climate ever to…well…whatever this season is in NY. We have 4 seasons here and lately they have all been felt in one day. I have also realized that I cannot work on this registry for too long because it gives me anxiety about all the things we need to prepare for this new squad. Girls need a lot of stuff!! Full disclosure, the thought of us being ready or not, escalates quickly these days. I start out with making a list of all the things we need for them and end up questioning all my life choices that might or might not make me a suitable parents for these 3. Yada, yada, yada and its 10pm I have a drink in my hand and the song “Cat’s in the cradle” is playing on a loop. Yup, the crazy has come full strength. I then have to be reminded that I have already successfully-ish raised a human from baby to adulthood. You can say all you want about our parenting but I’m visiting this one in college and not jail soooo BOOM…Nailed it!! He is also a good compassionate and kind little human so I think we did alright for our first try. Now if we can just remember what we did and do it with 3 at the same time….oooooooh…. I see where parents might lose their mind. Oh dear lord I just did math, two of us, three of them. It might just be a frat house up in here for a bit, you know, a lot of late nights, some throw-up, a lot of yelling and things getting broken but I’m confident that we will live through this just in time to see them through their teenage years….OMG annnnnddd there’s tonight’s featured insomnia material 😦

Gifts ready to go!!

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