“All dressed up and nowhere to go”

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the phrases “this has never happened before”, “your case is special” or my favorite “Wow, I am going to have to research how to deal with this unique situation” I could fund 3 international adoptions…..or the space program. So we just heard that we are not going to be grandfathered into the timeline that allows us to get out of Peru in 4-5 weeks. Instead, we might be spending Christmas there. Why can’t things run smoothly from here on? It certainly hasn’t been smooth for 5 years. AND if I hear “nothing that is worth it comes easy” one more time…..ONE more time, I’m going to lose my mind. I know that everyone means well but know that when I’m staring at you with that goofy smile on my face, In my mind, I’m really yelling STFU. I know I’m a terrible person and ‘2 years ago Jessica’ would have said “yes, that’s so true, I love that” but ‘5 years in Jessica’ is a bit of a douche when it comes to people trying to make it better.  What can I tell you, Jessica knows Jessica! So here is where we are right now, we are waiting for the official approval from the State Department to allow us to buy tickets for travel to Peru. I know that technically it takes 3 weeks more or less and our documents went in 3 weeks ago today and God knows we are not the “it happened early, what luck” family, we are more the “oh crap the desk where your document was, caught on fire” family, but we are hoping to hear something real soon. In the meantime we have been super busy prepping for these kiddos. Their rooms are done and I moved my 19yo to the basement bedroom because its more private and has a bathroom and he plays his video games there anyway. So we are ready to go at a moments notice, except for one little thing. It is going to cost, un ojo de la cara(an eye from your face). That’s the Spanish equivalent to an arm and a leg. Both super gory and violent but apparently Spanish value the eye more. Anywhooo, yes, it will be super expensive to get those tickets unless of course we get good last minute deals. Don’t get me wrong, I would do a bajillion layovers through Kazakstan if need be, to pay less on the way there, but on the way back, momma needs a direct flight, preferably one that serves alcohol.

Last Friday was National Adoption Day and we went to see the movie Instant Family It’s an awesome movie, highly recommend it!  It made hubby come out of there extremely excited and anxious to meet and bring our kids home. It made me…..a stressed mess. It raised my anxiety to ‘seeing a cop while going 20 over the speed limit’ level and I almost threw up in the car. It had some similarities with our adoption process but I think what put me over was that it was about a sibling group of 3 which is what we are bringing home. I’m better now, hubby knows how to talk me off the ledge. Full disclosure, it only takes desserts, wines and reminding me that I already did this with one and he ain’t half bad!  Interesting fact: Today marks 5 years that we have been at this process, 5 flipping years!!! 5!! I am 5 years older than when I turned in that initial application to adopt. Ughhhh….annnnnnndd there’s the ledge!! 

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