Universe: “Last call for not adopting” Me: “You don’t tell me what to do”

We are nothing if not ‘consistent’. As with every step of our process, there was also a problem with our 1-800 paperwork. Because, why not, we are this close already, why not another obstacle. Apparently, we didn’t sent the correct amount for payment. As in, we actually sent a check when we didn’t owe anything (the first application is free). Customs and Immigrations actually sent us our entire package back for sending money. Hey that’s a first, the US government got our money and didn’t know what to do with it. Now I know they have infinite ways of getting in touch with us, not to mention I am one of the nuts who thinks someone can turn my smart tv on and talk to me through it (don’t laugh, that can happen). You are literally the government, you could have reached out to us and simply told us that you are shredding my check and continuing the process. Instead you verified that all other information was correct but there was an extra check so you paid for a 16$ postage to send me my entire package back so I can shred my own damn check and pay 48$ to overnight you the same package. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I get to save 775$ but at this point, Joe the janitor could have taken my check to pay for a mail ordered bride for all I cared, as long as you just process my paperwork and give me an approval. So this whole little song and dance was as useless as the second shift button on my keyboard (yeah, still haven’t figured out what that’s about). As always, however, we shut up and drive on. Of course, this would happen the afternoon before Thanksgiving so we had to wait until Friday to overnight the package and it arrived yesterday. We are crossing our fingers that we don’t have to wait the same amount of time for them to check our stuff and approve it…….but then I remember its us and I assume we would. Ok so according to how this process has gone thus far in the states (obstacle upon obstacle), I can deduce that it will go just as eventful while we are in Peru soooooo if we travel in the next 2 to 3 weeks I may be returning…..uhmmmm….. in time for the kids to start college. Listen, I am not one to believe in destiny or a speaking universe or divine intervention, but if I was, what do you think they are telling us? Should I be worried? I don’t care, these are my kids now and I will move heaven and earth to bring them home. Yup, I am an octopus mom. That’s right, I said octopus. You think the fiercest animal mom is a bear? Uhmm no. Octopus mommas are badasses. They lay a bajillion eggs that they fan with their siphons, which keeps their babies oxygenated and free of harmful bacteria. The moms don’t leave their offspring alone and sometimes they don’t eat for months while guarding them. The mothers die once they hatch, so that part sucks but hey, how badass are they? They said the longest recorded time one guarded their offspring, barely eating herself, was over 4 years. Now I kind’a love food, so I ain’t about to do all that, but you know, mom goals. So don’t ever say this blog isn’t anything but educational. Boom! I just schooled you on fierce animal moms, you are welcome!  

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