New Year, same anxious me!

So its 2019! And you know what we don’t have? Our kids! The mistake that Customs and Immigration made has cost us a month in delay and of course it took us right into the government shut down. Now I heard that fee-for-service-activities within the department continue as normal, however, the process is slow because they still rely on the part that is shut down. I think I have said it before, but throughout this entire process, for our family, if something could have gone wrong, it did. But more than that, we actually even stumped some people about new ways that things could go wrong, so you are welcome. We are a cautionary tale! I mean, why did I think the last part was going to go smooth? Here we are welcoming 2019 with more questions and more wait time than we thought we would have at this point. If I were to sit down and think about it too long, I will probably fall apart and I don’t do that. I have to say, we are one stubborn and relentless family. For better or worse, we are marching on against all the odds and obstacles that have been thrown our way. This is a trait that my better-half has always possessed but not one that people would use to describe me. Seriously, I was too lazy to transfer phone numbers and contacts over last time I got a new phone so “new phone, who dis” was me for almost a year. I am, however, stubborn as a mule, so once we past the 4th year and the process seemed to be against us, I shifted to “oh no! Nobody tells me no” and so here we are. I can’t even say when we will get an approval because nobody truly knows at this point. We have meandered so far from the normal process and timelines that people have had and our agency has seen, that anyone’s guess is as good as ours. All we can do is wait and hope 2019 IS the year. Hopefully the next time I write a post is from a plane entering South America. Happy New Year to you all and thanks for all the thoughts and good wishes!

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