Light at the end of the tunnel, maybe?

A week ago we finally received the approval to our I-800 document, this is the document that is sent to the U.S Embassy in Peru. My in-country representative will then submit a visa application to a Consular Officer (this part has already been done). The Consular Officer will review the children’s information and evaluate them for possible visa ineligibilities. If its all good, they will notify MIMDES (Peru’s government agency that deals with adoptions). This notification is called the Article 5 letter (invitation to travel to Peru). Once that is issued we can finally buy tickets to go get our kids. It should all be happening in the next 2 weeks. But of course, I say this knowing well how our process has been. This is were we stand at this exact moment. We don’t know if the letter will come tomorrow or next week, everyone assures us that it doesn’t take more than that. However, we know better than to think that this part, this particular part, will be ‘normal’ or on time or uneventful. We know better! There’s not been one part of this whole journey that has been normal or on-time. Sometimes I reread the earliest posts I have in this blog, the parts where I’m still excited about how soon this can happen, the parts where I still don’t know how brutal, painful even and long this process will be. I read 5 and 4 year old posts and I think, right here, this is where I could have stopped, this is where we could have seen how hard this would be. I read the early parts that appeared hard and I laugh and tell 4 year ago me, “if you only knew”. Now, would I go back and stop it? I can honestly say, NO.

I had a trip planned to Hawaii for next month that I recently had to cancel since we will now be in Peru. If things would have worked the way it has worked for everyone we know that has adopted from Peru I would have been back a month ago but of course that has never been our journey. Canceling that trip was hard for me. I was going with really good friends and we had planned this long ago. I’m sad about that! I can be sad and disappointed and at the same time excited about finally going to Peru to meet these children. Depending on the day, the scale tips in one direction more than the another. I guess Hawaii will always be there. Too bad that I won’t be experiencing it for the first time with these amazing ladies.

Jobs on hold, vacations on hold, we continue to wait! Almost there now they say, and we just really hope that’s true.

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