And just like that….We have permission to travel!!

27k for 5 year adoption process, 2k in plane tickets, 10k still on reserve for the in-country process, knowing that we are days away from meeting our kids…..PRICELESS. Uhmm no, its actually 39k, cause I can do simple math. Ok so the feeling of meeting them OF COURSE is priceless but heck no, we have put in a lot of our savings into this. We are excited and overwhelmed and nervous and happy. We have all the feelings, ALL of them. But yes, the wait is over. We got the article 5 letter last Thursday and we booked tickets for travel right away. Yes! that’s how fast things happen once everything works out the way its supposed to. At the moment we are settling our affairs before leaving the country for a month and a half. “Settling our affairs” makes us sound so important, basically we are cleaning up, packing, getting someone to watch our pup and hoping no one dies or robs us while we are gone. Nahh I kid, we have nothing worth robbing, joke’s on you robbers, because I got good insurance and I will claim the crap out of my crap to get new crap.

Anyway, we are ready to go!! This time next week we will be in Peru enjoying the good summer weather and waiting anxiously to see them the next day. For the sake of being completely transparent here and keeping it real, I may have thrown up this weekend just from panic and stress about how close we are to the end. Don’t get me wrong I am happy, but I am also scared out of my mind. To be fair, right before I gave birth to my son I was the same way. I know lots of mothers say “I loved my child before they were even born” and who am I to question that, that just wasn’t my case. I didn’t yet know him, I’m sure I was going to love him but while he was in there I was just focused on keeping him alive and nervous as hell at the concept that I had to continue to do this once he was out of my body. When he was born and I met him I knew he was a good egg and I was going to love him forever. Only then, did excited surpassed the nerves. I am counting on that being the same here.

The next blogpost will be from Peru. I will be sharing most of our journey while in country but know that I will be keeping certain things just for us and them. Thanks everyone for following us along in this crazy journey and we will most certainly share how this all ends.

5 thoughts on “And just like that….We have permission to travel!!

  1. We adopted our son David from Ayacucho, Peru. The people of Peru embraced us when we were there which made the adoption process even more special!! Enjoy every moment you are there, take pics and videos too because it will fly by so fast!! Enjoy and relax!!


  2. Congratulations! We adopted three siblings from Peru in 2011. So sorry you had the delays due to Villa Hope and the related problems. We’re in New Jersey, so if you have a need to vent or cry with somebody (especially if the kids turn out to have huge behavioral issues, like ours did), feel free to contact us. Our kids were 12, 9, and 6 when we adopted them, and we had another 12-year-old boy still at home at the time (and two older sons).


  3. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. When we adopted our son in 1991and Peru was in the midst of a war with two terrorist organizations and before the internet was really a thing, we went more or less blindly into our adoption. I was thrilled to hold this child who would become our son. And a year later I had the same emotion when I held his sister. Today they are young adults moving on with their own lives and I love them even more. You will too with your own children.

    All the best,


    1. I remember that time in Peru. My family and I immigrated to the US a few years before 1991 and I can’t imagine how you all may have felt going there in the midst of it. So many mixed emotions I’m sure. Thank you so much for the pep talk, I needed that:). We can’t wait!


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