We are not even at the wheel right now, but lucky we are still in the car.

We are still in Peru finishing up paperwork with a few delays for unforeseen circumstances …. who am I kidding, it’s us… it was always foreseen(is that even a word?). Well here we are still. We are in the silent period portion of the process. This is when a resolution has been given and signed by all stating the kids will be ours if no one says otherwise. Their birthplace was notified and we wait 5 days for them to..well… for lack of better words ‘speak now or forever hold their peace’. It use to be 2 days but right before we got here it was increased to 5. After the time has passed we can begin the process of formally changing their entire personal documents to reflect their new last name and parents. Eeeek sounds so weird but so perfect at the same time. Once they have Peruvian DNI (equivalent to U.S. SS#), passports and new birth certificates, we can begin to acquire visas, US passports and (my favorite part) tickets home. Soooo we are looking at 2 more weeks maybe.

How are we doing with the kids? This is the question everyone asks. Well we are doing well, they are still kids so we have established a routine for them, very similar to the one we will have back in the U.S. (eating, sleeping, etc) and also establishing a consistent form of discipline which they have, so far, recognize, hate, but understand and learn. They are very loving kids so they respond to our unbearable hugging, tickling and kisses and when we are disappointed in something they have done they still seek to please us. I’m also happy to report that, although rusty, my motherly look of death is still very much effective. Also I can go from a raspy quite and scary “if you don’t stop what you are doing right now” to an angelic and soothing “hello how are you” phone conversation like I have multiple personalities. Basically I’m momming hard you guys! By the way the silent period expires Thursday, so stay tuned for formal introductions of these beautiful kids of ours.

I do have to say, I’m missing home something fierce. I miss my tribe back home and my bed and although I generally refer to a bath as people soup, I have been craving a bathtub with scented candles and a glass of wine. I love city living except between the hours of midnight and 5am which seems to be when every Limeño feels the need to check their car horn for functionality. I also have to say that if I wasn’t from here and I didn’t have the best family in the world who has really supported us and distracted us and held us super close, I’m not sure I could survive the loneliness and uncertainty. I love Lima! It’s beautiful! The people, my people are awesome. The food is beyond compare and the weather is fantastic. I find myself missing it often when I’m back in the U.S. but NY is now home and I can’t wait to get back.

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