Please Peru Let us Go!!

Yes we are still in Lima! Two weeks ago the kids became officially our children and a week and a half ago the silent period was over and we began doing the paperwork needed to change their personal info and start visas. We requested DNIs last Monday and that was a whole day event since apparently it isn’t everyday that they work with someone (as the mom) using her maiden name yet has no official document that identifies her as such and I left the country before they issued DNIs to children so I am not found in any registry except by birth certificate. Yes, that was fun! Its always a joy when you have two different Peru government employees fighting about how I’m “technically an American” and the other saying “No, she was born here so she has to be this person”……uhm I’m here and yes I am, in fact, “this Person” simply trying to get DNIs for the kids I adopted from my country of BIRTH. Three hours later, we had finished the process that should have taken 1 and as usual (for us), though the DNIs come out in 2-3 days (we filed in a special circumstance office), ours are taking longer than a week already. Of course not all, just one of the kids, you know, just enough to tease us and make us think that things will run smooth. So here we are sitting on pins and needles at the mercy of an app, which I check every 10 minutes that has been sitting on 70% completed since last Wednesday. Yes that documents has been 70% done with step 6 out of 6 done and still no document. Another monkey wrench thrown in there the same day adding insult to injury is that hours from Chris leaving to return to the states, leaving me to complete the process and travel with the kids, we learned that we cannot do a power of attorney for me to travel with them unless we have a specific flight and date, which we did not. He will have to return to Peru to pick us up when the process is complete. I think I must have lost it that day. After a grueling morning to hear you have to spend another thousand dollars to buy an extra plane ticket was more than I could handle. But Chris was leaving and I had 4 kids (my big boy Charlie was with me visiting) that needed me put together. I’m really surprised at the many times I give myself pep talks through all this. I have even resorted to heckling. Me: Omg Jessica don’t be such a baby, you can do this. Holy cow you are weak” Also Me: ok I can do this, I can do this, can I do this?? Cause I’m really not that great! Also me: Shut up! This is how my mornings start, oh and they start at 4:45-5am why you ask? Because apparently my body doesn’t sleep in Peru. Oh wait I sneezed yesterday and my eyes closed for a few seconds sooo that was cool. Anyway, today is the day I don’t take NO for an answer. I will get that document and we will go home this week. I may or may not start a GoFund me for bail money! Just kidding Chris always has bail money for me!

But let me introduce you to the newest members of the Oxendine Clan!!

One thought on “Please Peru Let us Go!!

  1. We have been right where you are at. There is no way to express the frustration as every time you turn a corner you run into another bureaucratic obstacle. Nobody does senseless paperwork delays like the Peruvian government.

    Keep at it and keep pushing and suddenly when you think it will never end suddenly the door opens and you are through it.

    As I write this I am sitting here looking at two of my three amazing kids with whom we did this process six years ago (the other is in her room doing homework.)

    When you get home from that first morning waking up with them it will all have been worth it and so much more that I cannot describe.

    Hang in there. You are almost where you want to be.


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