And just like that, We are home! part 1.

We went from no movement and stress over nothing being done to a crazy run to the finish line. This week was unbelievably stressful. Over the past weekend I was concerned that the last DNI had not come back. I was starting to worry that there was something wrong with the documents we submitted and we would have to do it all over again, this of course meant more waiting. By Monday morning I had had very little sleep and my appetite was zero. I must have called and check the app every 10 minutes and when 4:30 came I knew things weren’t going to happen that day. I had decisions to make about my flight scheduled for Wednesday, about the apartment we were renting and the appointments we needed to make at the embassy. Of course, no sleep that night either. Tuesday morning the app read 85%, it had moved from 75%. It was comical, looking back now, how happy 10% movement made me. Honestly, at this point, very little shocked me about my emotions. I was still sweating bullets though because it was only 85%. As I was ready to call them one more time the app moved to 100% READY FOR PICK UP. I don’t think I have ever jumped out of a chair and gotten ready as quickly as I did that day. Seriously, I was ready in 3 minutes. Even when I tell Chris I’ll be ready in 5, I don’t even believe it myself. This time I called my lawyer and in 10 minutes we headed to the RENIEC (Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil) office to get the DNI. It was already 10:30am and if we wanted to secure passports and maybe a visa interview appointment we needed to move fast. On the way to our next appointment, one of the kids got car sick and threw up in our lawyer’s car. Of all the days to get sick!!!! By 12 we were downtown getting their peruvian passports which took all of and hour and also a new pair of pants and shirt for the poor kid. By 3 we needed to head to the DGA’s office for me to sign the amendment to the resolution which has my correct passport number. Yes that was wrong too. By 4:30 we headed to the Embassy doctor to pick up their check-ups signed and sealed for the visas. Sitting at the doctor’s office I realized we hadn’t eaten since 8am and all I had in my purse was vanilla wafers and skittles, guess what they had as a snack? Mother of the year, I tell you. By 6 we had all we needed and my lawyer got us an appointment at the embassy for the following morning at 8am. We were way on our way to going home. Chris bought his ticket for Wednesday and I changed mine from Wednesday to the following Thursday crossing my fingers and everything else I could, in hopes that visas come in either Wednesday afternoon of Thursday morning. All I could do is hope that for once, things go as planned!

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