And just like that, We are home! part 2.

This past Wednesday we were up at 5am because the US Embassy was about an hour from our apartment and we would be going around peak rush hour so we needed to be early. This was one appointment I was NOT missing. Getting into the Embassy was interesting. I had to leave my purse and cell phone in a locker outside the building. That made me nervous but since I was allowed to bring my wallet in, I felt better. The interview was all of 5 minutes and 1 hour and 975$ later we were ready to wait and see if the visas are granted that afternoon. I had to go back to the apartment and pack all our stuff and move us to the hotel. By 4:30 we had moved to the Hilton and received the call that our visas were granted but since it was a bit late we could pick up our packets and their passports tomorrow morning. That night, as I waited for Chris to come in I slept like a baby. The following morning we secured the visas and bought plane tickets fro Chris and the kids. We would leave that night! I have never felt so relieved! Only a 20 minute scare as we tried to pass customs when they, again, asked me about my maiden name used on the resolution. Once that was fixed, we were on our way. We arrived at Newark airport on Friday, March 28th at 11:40am. I felt like the pope and wanted to kiss the floor but then I remembered……well..its Newark! We were home!! And just like that, this part of the journey is over. Next up, raising these beautiful kiddos! Thank you everyone for following along and for all your thoughts and prayers! As we arrived at home we also realized we have a great community and if its true that it takes a village to raise a child, then they will be just fine, because I definitely live in a great one! Here is a little video that captures our journey in Peru. I hope you enjoy it!

Our Peruvian Adoption

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