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My Family
My Family

My name is Jessica.  I am a mother of a smart and handsome 14 year old named Charlie and the wife of an equally handsome, smart and wonderful human being named Chris.  He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, which makes me…..still just his wife but more specifically and Army Wife, which comes with its own set of wonderful and proud moments and not so wonderful moments.  I also have a job outside the home, I teach college Spanish.  I basically teach ‘barely adults’ to say ‘where’s the bathroom’,  ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in countries they will probably never travel to but it deems them deserving of credits they need to obtain a degree.  College kids are great but sometimes just as exhausting as middle schoolers.  They are just starting life, however, and that is beautiful to witness.


I called it AdoptPeru because I think that more people choosing to adopt here in the states should consider this south american country, then maybe we can have more agencies that work with Peru.  I will go through the process, document it and see if, in fact, it is a good choice.  The verdict is still out but so far so good!

We have not shared our intentions to adopt with family or friends yet, only with those whom we chose as character witnesses in our paperwork.  My sister is one of them and although she was unsure about us doing this, she seems to be a little excited about it (though probably won’t admit it).  When we talk about it we refer to the potential child as Peru Child, hence the title “Bringing Home Peru Child”.  I am sure as the process gets closer to a placement we will not need that reference but until then and for the purpose of this blog, we’ll also call him/her Peru Child.

The blog was created for three reasons.  First, I need something to occupy my time while I wait.  Wait between home visits, wait between paperwork and eventually wait to have a child placed with us.  Second, I want to make people aware of Peru as a country to adopt.  I am a bit biased, since it is my birthplace, but in the process and research on adoption we have found it to be a great choice thus far.  The third and last reason is simply to make it easier on the military family and potential adoptive parents.  The military has its challenges when it comes to supporting the families in non traditional situations like infertility, adoption etc.  Sometimes we have to go outside for resources that should be supported within our special communities.  Hopefully this too will change!

About Our Journey to Adoption

This journey really began in the summer of 2002 at Fort Rucker Alabama.  As we dotted over our first born we deluded ourselves, as many new parents do, that we could do this all over again.  This was around our son’s second birthday, you know, the time when you start seeing those two years with what I like to refer to as “baby goggles”, similar to beer goggles but a whole lot worse.  The time where memories of labor pains and sleepless nights are replaced by phrases like “labor was miraculous” and “ he was such a good sleeper”.  This is also the time where you are annoying to your single friends and dangerous to your newly married ones.  I say dangerous because as the gullible honeymoon stage is nearing its end they are inclined to replace it with just about anything that would make them as close or closer to that partner they are starting to see as, dare I say it, annoying.  Just so you know, during her “miraculous” experience she will think of a few ways to kill you.

So here we were 2 years into one child and decided to try it again.  We began the ritual of conceiving the same way we did with our first, cheap meals and lots of alcohol.  It was not too alarming when 2 months of drunken rendezvous didn’t generate results, it was fun and we were young so it didn’t matter.   I don’t remember when exactly I became concern about the fact that it no longer came as easy as the first.  I guess it was a year into it.  Of course at this point all that we looked for to remediate the problem was finding different positions and maybe less alcohol.  We were still not at the point of alarm since there were many other things going on in our lives at the time and like I said before….we were young.  I also had not heard of many people experiencing infertility, I doubt I’d even heard the term for couples who had already conceived without assistance.  Nevertheless infertility was not even in my vocabulary at that time.

Fast forward 10 years…….wow I’m old.

It is October of 2011 as we prepared to do a cycle of IVF after many failed IUIs and clomid cycles, we were told that my uterus lining is too thin, I had a retroverted uterus and a lot of scar tissue, all of which meant that IVF will be unsuccessful and a natural pregnancy (if it happens at all) will be risky.  This news shattered the very limited hopes we had at this point to grow our family…. the biological way that is!

It took my husband Chris a month or so to know for sure that adoption is the journey he wanted to take.  It took me 2.5 years.

If we thought infertility while being in the military was a nightmare we were now going to try our hand at adoption.

May you find something in our process that will help you, save you some money or time and may your journey be joyous!


21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,
    I’m a peruvian living in US. How much is all this process? I’m considering adopting from Peru. The process is supposed to be totally free in Peru (only requirement is to have about 2300 soles as monthly salary, not very common in Peru) I cannot believe international adoption is so expensive. Please, let me know an estimate


  2. Congratulations on your upcoming additions to your family and thanks for creating this site.

    I can tell you from my close personal association with Peru and from my three adopted children from Peru that the need for adoptive families is great and the rewards are even greater.

    I can also mention that anyone who is interested in adopting from Peru and lives in the mountain states should take the time to look at the agency we used, Angeldance International which is based in Denver. Linda is very dedicated and thorough, we are very happy with the assistance she provided us.


  3. Hi Jessy
    how are you? i found your blog online and its really interesting. I was adopted from Peru in 1981 and now i live in Germany. Together with my sister and a friend we are running a blog for adoptees from abroad (www.auslandsadoptierte.de its in german). We are always looking for people who want to share their storys and we also would be very interested in the “other side of the story”, the adoptive parents who are waiting to adopt. So i wanted to know if you maybe are interested in giving us a short interview or maybe you want to write a text for us about your experience? That would be awesome. Thanks! Best regards Johanna


    1. Hello Johana ,
      I am adoptive mother and I live in Spain , and we have a group called HIJOS DEL PERU formed by adoptive families with Peruvian children, but most parents are also Peruvians or mixed couples . We already had the visit of Miracles Forrester in Barcelona I did a talk with her about ” the search for origins ”
      I share with you what my son wrote recently :https://hijosdelperu.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/mi-pequena-historia/

      I will invite you to contact us my email is: ibarguen65@hotmail.com

      regards Erika


    2. Hello Johanna, thank you for visiting my blog!! I just visited yours and it looks amazing, I let my computer do the translation of course😊. I would absolutely love to do anything you need me to do, either an interview or you can tell what you’d like to know about my side of the process, yours is certainly very interesting and informative to me of course☺️.


      1. Hi Jessy,

        i am so sorry i just read your reply. Thanks for your comment about the blog. So if youre still interested i would be happy to do an “interview” with you! We also now launched an english blog which is still a bit under construction. You can contact me at johanna.graf@auslandsadoptierte.de. I would be happy to hear from you again!


  4. Jessica, I just found your blog tonight and read every entry. I’m going through the process too – I started with Villa Hope in Jan 2014 and am in waiting period now so we are on exactly the same time line. I’d really like to chat with you off line to share experiences. Btw, I’m trying to adopt a sibling set of two who I met when volunteering at an orphanage in Cusco so we are on different paths in that sense. My email is laurareilly12@gmail.com. Your blog is just perfect, you wrote so much of what I have felt Best of luck! Laura


      1. Hola Jessica!
        Me gusto tu blog, gracias por la informacion. Me llamo Maria Eugenia pero me puedes llamar Maru. soy peruana pero vivo en Idaho. Queria preguntarte si por ser peruana puedo hacer el tramite de adopcion todo en Peru o porque vivo en USA tengo que hacerlo a tarves de alguna agencia? no veo tu email address en tu blog si puedes me lo pasas!



      2. Hola Maru mucho gusto y gracias por visitar mi página. Te comento que si vives en los Estados Unidos para adoptar en Perú tienes que usar una agencia que se adhiera a la convención haya. (Hague convention) Perú es parte de esa convención, así que aunque seamos nacidas en Perú las adopciones se tienen que hacer desde acá. En los Estados Unidos sólo existen tres agencias que trabajan con Perú. Aunque no residas en el estado de una de ellas las puedes usar. Por ejemplo; nosotros usamos una agencia en Alabama aunque vivimos en New York. Usamos también una agencia en NY para hacer el homestudy (eso se tiene que hacer en el mismo estado donde vives con una trabajadora social) y la agencia de Alabama para todo lo demás. Espero que esto te aclaré algunas cosas y si tienes alguna otra pregunta me puedes mandar un e-mail. Mucha, mucha suerte!! Jess2176@gmail.com


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