“We are adopting”……omg we are adopting!!

Today I woke up in a panic because I realized that we are almost done with the documentation process of this adoption and it is now ever so real that in a short while we will be eligible to be matched with a child.  We have managed to keep things somewhat quite, although Chris is [...]

“Your fingerprints are unclassifiable”…hmm say what now?

Apparently the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a section especially created and staffed for international adoptions Hague convention and non Hague.  When you apply for the I-600a, I-600,  I-800 and I-800a you are assigned an agent that oversees your case.  When your application is processed you are sent form I-797c, notice of [...]

Things seem to be moving along

Last saturday was the last of our sessions with the psychologist and all we have left to do is fill out some questionnaires and she can begin her report.  Once I get the report from her I can schedule the psychiatric review and we will be done with the mental health requirement.  Well, almost! As [...]

Writing a “request to adopt” letter……uhmmm drawing a blank

My task this week was to write our family's letter of request to adopt.  This letter is different from the one that's written to a birth mother.  This letter asks the director of general adoptions  form a particular country to consider your family as potential adoptive parents of a child from their country.  Between mental [...]

No I’m not crazy my mother had me tested…

Here is another part of the dossier particular to Peru (I believe) that is a bit tricky.  Peru requires you to do a psychological and psychiatric evaluation of the family.  Most of the time evaluations like these are not covered by your insurance so it must come out of pocket.  This documents has an expiration [...]