We are almost U.S Department of Homeland Security approved:)

Yes, for an adoption you must deal with Homeland Security!  Its actually the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) section but they will be a thorn on your side believe you me.  To adopt internationally you must complete an application through this government agency so they can deem you suitable to adopt a child from a [...]

And just like that the summer is over

Well to be perfectly honest NY was cheated in the summer department this year.  We may have had 4 good days where the temperatures went over 95.  The beaches were cold the nights were cool and breezy.  Fall was anxious to arrive and we saw trees losing their leaves as early as late August.  Its [...]

I’m Drowning in Paperwork

We are currently in the process of filling out the paperwork that will go to Peru.  All this paperwork needs to be certified and apostilled.  This means that a certified public notary working in the county they live in, must certify that our birth certificates, our marriage license and our medical records must be authenticated [...]

The Never Ending Paperwork

Not much has happen regarding the adoption process in the last two weeks.  Things appear to be slowing down at both agencies. Everyone is 'reviewing' something of ours somewhere.  Baker Victory in NY still needs a few things so the home study can be written and certified.  Villa Hope in AL, has begun doing their [...]