One agency done, one to go!

The social worker came for her final visit, yes we were surprised too, only two visits.  She asked us a few more questions like do we know what's left on our packet before consideration for placement?, Can we talk about discipline strategies?  She also asked us about training.  Ok, so for international adoptions, as in [...]

So much snow in NY!! So many boxes from the move…….enter the social worker. WHAT?

A lot of things have happened since the last post.  Being a military family is never boring, never a dull moment here I can tell you that.  The last week of January the base told us that they  have a house for us and we should be ready to move. Our current house was up [...]

It takes a village…….

It takes a village to adopt........ a village of professionals that is!  I feel like I need to have a notary public on retainer....and maybe a lawyer, and a social worker and perhaps a psychologist....we could maybe throw in a massage therapist in there.  So last friday we finally received the paperwork for background/child abuse [...]

Why are things going soooo slow….

Things have slowed down to a crawl and that is very discouraging.  I know that it will take a while to run the background checks for all those states we have lived in but I feel like we have not heard from the agency for a little while and that makes me nervous.  I know [...]

As per the usual…….

I finally heard from the agency.......and I say finally but a) it hasn't really been that long and b) I don't really know how long it is suppose to take.  They told me they received our application but apparently I am a moron and some papers where not fully filled out.  OK they didn't say [...]