The Amazing Race… get more adoption papers done…that is!

Last Friday we get a call from our agency with the urgency to get the USCIS approval we had just received apostilled and sent directly to Peru because the DGA was meeting the following Wednesday. It was an unscheduled meeting and they needed to have our approval there Monday for us to be considered. What [...]

….Annnnd These Things Just Happened!

So it appears that the universe always sends us good things just in time to keep us from completely losing our s&%$. Well this time it was two things, kinda waiting for the third (don't things happen in 3s?). Anyway, the first one is that hubby is on the list to be promoted effective September [...]

I’m ok, We are ok, Everyone’s ok

WE ARE NOT OK! By we, I mean me. So in less than a week I will be dropping my son off at college. I like to say that I am excited and proud and happy for him, and although I truly am all those things, I am also super nervous and sad. What is [...]

“Progress” -a word I thought I’d never use. Adoption is hella stressful!!

So last I left you, the resolution had been passed making the kids orphans free for adoption. Well we quickly sent a letter requesting to study their files and we waited to be approved to do so. We assumed Peru would take their sweet time because 1. That's just what they do and 2. It [...]

We ARE the Murphy’s Law of adoption

If you ever want to know all the things that could go wrong in an international (Peruvian) adoption, read our blog, ask us!  I took a hiatus from writing because I was truly overwhelmed....actually, overwhelmed probably doesn't even cover the feelings we were experiencing these past few months.  We were both exhausted and deflated and [...]