We are not even at the wheel right now, but lucky we are still in the car.

We are still in Peru finishing up paperwork with a few delays for unforeseen circumstances .... who am I kidding, it’s us... it was always foreseen(is that even a word?). Well here we are still. We are in the silent period portion of the process. This is when a resolution has been given and signed [...]

Yup, Still in Peru

So we are still here. We are making some strides but I feel like at this point I should report exactly the good, the bad, the ugly and the ridiculous. That's right, I said it, some things are Ri-donculous here in Peru. I can say that because I was bred and half way raised in [...]

Note to Self: “Peace Begins when Expectation Ends”-Chinmoy

A week, that is all it has been! One WEEK! A full one at that. We landed in Lima last Sunday at 1am. I am always amazed at how much I feel a sense of belonging while I'm in the air, either going to the States or coming to Peru. I read a book about [...]

And just like that….We have permission to travel!!

27k for 5 year adoption process, 2k in plane tickets, 10k still on reserve for the in-country process, knowing that we are days away from meeting our kids.....PRICELESS. Uhmm no, its actually 39k, cause I can do simple math. Ok so the feeling of meeting them OF COURSE is priceless but heck no, we have [...]

Light at the end of the tunnel, maybe?

A week ago we finally received the approval to our I-800 document, this is the document that is sent to the U.S Embassy in Peru. My in-country representative will then submit a visa application to a Consular Officer (this part has already been done). The Consular Officer will review the children's information and evaluate them [...]