We ARE the Murphy’s Law of adoption

If you ever want to know all the things that could go wrong in an international (Peruvian) adoption, read our blog, ask us!  I took a hiatus from writing because I was truly overwhelmed....actually, overwhelmed probably doesn't even cover the feelings we were experiencing these past few months.  We were both exhausted and deflated and [...]

May 1st is National College Decision Day! yup, it’s real:)

This post won't have much on adoption since we are STILL waiting on an approval!  This post is going to be about the kid that's already with us, our bio child Charlie and the rockstar parents that got him here.  Today is National College Decision Day!  I'm not making that up, it's a thing, I [...]

Just so we are clear…..all the things that could go wrong in an adoption process…DID.

Ok I might be a little dramatic and to be fair, we are not done yet and I hope that all these things happen on this side of the process and not when we are in country.  To recap, with an agency closing, losing money to said agency, not being on Peru’s system AT ALL [...]

Out of Bed Today!…Tomorrow.. Pants!!

Sorry! No updates this time, trust me I wish there were, but I just wanted to thank so many of you who have offered words of encouragement, prayers, good wishes, positive vibes and just all who share in my shock and disappointment.  I am a linguist by profession, of course in Romanic languages, but seeing [...]

What? How? I Can’t Even………

Peru has really outdone themselves this time.  Soooo, last I left you, we were waiting for  approval to adopt a sibling group of 2.  Remember? I was complaining because they were taking longer than the 10 days they are suppose to have (FYI we were going on 3.5 weeks).  Well I thought that was the [...]